Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day 3

We missed walking this morning. I wasn't feeling good and still didn't have any gloves. Way too cold without gloves. But then Robin slept right through it...So I guess we will try for tomorrow morning. I did get a pair of gloves so I am set to go. Talked to a friend at work today about my gift basket idea. She was very supportive. I think this will be something I can do. and possibly make a little money on them. She even said I could put some in the Nail salon that she works in. That will be very awesome. Now I just have to get the stuff together. I saw some things on you tube today that were just so cool I can't wait to try them I just need to get to the springs to get the stuff. Work was tough today. we were so busy and I didn't get as caught up as I thought I would. So I guess that is why there is tomorrows................

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