Sunday, January 1, 2012


Here it is January 1st 2012!!!!! I have been away for a very long time. But one of my resolutions is to keep up with my blog and work weekly on my website. In June of 2010, Marie and I decided to open our dream store and it did happen..only problem was Marie decided after we got open to take off for Florida. So it has been a year and a half now and I am still there. I did meet a woman a while back that helped me set up a website. I just never seem to have the time to update it but I am going to make a real effort to get back to working on it and posting things on there. I want to go to as many craft shows this year as I can manage. I want to get the store out there and hopefully get it to grow some. I want to do more of the kids kraft time. It went really well when we did do it and it was fun. Would really like to see it grow some. Well, anyway. I am back and going forward. Happy New Year and I will be back tomorrow. come see me sometime....

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